Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Trip

8 hours: $850

10 hours: $1000

Our Deep Sea Fishing Trip is a blue water trip reserved for those who seek an far-offshore adventure and a truly memorable experience. The deep sea fishing trip is fishing at its best. Out here we often get into big Amberjack, Grouper, Snapper, Shark, Tuna, and a huge variety of other fish.  Depending on what’s biting we may bottom drop, troll, free-line, vertical jig, or whatever technique we need to catch the biggest-and-baddest our beautiful blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico have to offer. Click or Call us now for your adventure.

***Prices are provided for typical charter trips with up to 4 people.  If you have special circumstances (more than 4 people or maybe you’re by yourself) please contact Captain Dan as he’s always willing to work something out. 


Shark attacks a big tarpon next to the boat ©2014

A shark attacks a big tarpon next to the boat.